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Sayra and Michelle are the creative co-founders of BRACHA.  Starting in 2012, the sister duo leading BRACHA combined their different styles to create a coveted natural stones jewelry brand. BRACHA started as a home-based business born out of Sayra and Michelle’s love for natural stones which has now evolved into a go-to brand for trendy, quality, and affordable designs.  
BRACHA is for every woman, their commitment to make jewelry accessible to everyone and to create a style that can be worn no matter what the current trend is.  “If they don’t both love it, they don’t make it.
By using a mix of gold-filled, plated, and stainless steel metals. BRACHA is able to offer unique, on-trend, and affordable pieces without compromising quality.
A brand with substance and heart.  With a passion to help end human trafficking, Sayra and Michelle donate a portion of the proceeds from every sale to help in the fight against human trafficking.
  1. Gold Cabo Necklace
  1. Gold High Point Necklace
  1. She's so lucky Star Bracelet
  1. Parker Gold Chain Ring
  1. Gold Shine Herringbone Necklace
  1. Gold Milan Hoop Earrings
  1. Gold Monte Carlo Herringbone Bracelet
  1. Gold Herringbone Necklace
  1. Gold Tennis Bracelet
  1. Gold Dylan Crystal Necklace