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Since she was a child Hila has drawn from the ebb and flow of natural; and from man's evolution of hardware technology.  The only daughter of three children, she was regularly the unlikely choice to accompany her father on his weekend errands to the hardware and leather stores.  During these trips she would spend hours staring at tools and gadgets around her, and she soon began to see the beauty in the foreign objects.  From a leggy fallen tree branch to a beaten down washer at the local hardware store.  Hilda's jewelry designs are still influenced by these overlooks and seemingly ordinary items.

Each hila piece is handcrafted with great detail toward perfection.  The composition of all things hila include semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls in conjunction with a variety of man made beads, metals and whatever she deems worthy of the envisioned pieces.  Hila combines, contrasting but collaborative materials to create pieces that look well-loved from the start.  Recently adding metal clay certification to her repertoire of artistic abilities, the hila jewelry line will continue to inspire and evolve.

  1. Black Leather Choker Necklace