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  1. 24K Gold Swarovski Crystal Bracelet
  1. Abril Textured Necklace
  1. African Turquoise Necklace
  1. Amazonite Gold Matte Stretch Bracelet
  1. Amazonite Stud Earring
  1. Antique Brass + African Turquoise Bracelet
  1. Antique Brass + Swarovski Crystal Bracelet
  1. Antique Brass Francaise Medallion Coin Necklace
  1. Antique Brass Spoon Bracelet
  1. Avah Gold Chandelier Earring
  1. BIKO Gold Shoreline RIng
  1. Black Curb Chain Necklace
  1. Black Diamond Leather Bracelet
  1. Black Diamond Swarovski Crystal Earring
  1. Black Italian Leather Belt With Antique Silver Buckle
  1. Black Leather Belt With Silver Buckle
  1. Black Leather Choker Necklace
  1. Black Leather Labradorite, Pearl & Chalcedony Wrap Bracelet
  1. Black Miel Bracelet
  1. Blue Chalcedony Stud
  1. Blue Chalcedony Stud Earring
  1. Brass Tourmaline Bracelet
  1. Brass Turquoise Seed Bead Bracelet
  1. Brown Italian Leather Belt With Silver Buckle